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Thanks Woody!

So here, in no particular order (although the 2112 tribute is my favorite one yet...) are some of the advertisements that our friend Woody has created for us...



Another Straggler... I sure do like these bikes...

Mark V surly

A Surly Refresh...

A Surly Cross Check we just updated with some wheels, 105 and a Wolftooth NW ring!


Long Time No See...

Pictures of a Masi that we will HOPEFULLY be overhauling, polishing, rebuilding... etc... HOPEFULLY... ahem, Dr. B you know who you are!

Ride Greeley Service

What Happens In A Tune...

What do you get for $250? A very clean bicycle that's all smooth again! This one is still getting a chain and cassette but you can see what we do!

Ride Moots

Kurt's MootoXYBB!

Great build for an XC setup, SRAM XO, XT brakes (cuz I like em... a lot!), King headset and bb, Crank Bros.