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Workin' On Bikes... Always Nice...

Yay! Get to clean up Edie's Camber, super nice bike that get's a lot of use! Before and after pics to follow... unless I forget... I'll write a note...

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How Is Riding Around Greeley?

I'm going to start with this information...

This is the website you need to check for updates about the bicycling community and infrastructure here in Greeley.

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Check Out Our Sale Page!

Hey all, have a new page on the website... a spot where we can list sale items! List on the left, pictures on the right, hopefully it makes sense... check it out!




It's that time of year everyone! Most of the stuff in the store here is on sale and needs to go (minus the 2015 bikes... which are awesome... check those out as well!)!!


Fall Is In The Air...

Some shots from the Ride for Success a couple of weeks ago! We we happy to help with support out on the course and it seemed like it went off without a hitch!

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

It's official! We can now serve your cycling needs on Sundays! 12-4 will be the hours, if you need a tube, tire, chain lube... whatever it may be, we can help!!


The Roubaix Bicycle Company


Well... this morning turned out ok! Always nice when super cool things show up! Just need to find a home for these... Tina, what's it gonna be?!?!?!?!?!?


One Nice Set Of Wheels...

I will have more words later... new wheels on Stuarts Cervelo... Enve 6.7's, King R45's, DT Aerolites! Awesome!

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

Time In The Office...

Figured it was about time to update the blog with the renovation. Take a look through the photo set, that was a project! However, I think that we transformed a white box into a pretty neat shop!