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Blowin' Up!!

We just needed a break... and we had to dry some grips...

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

Teddy Has A New Friend!

Today, while on a test ride with Fred's handcycle, Teddy ran into his new friend! Enjoy!

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

Moots, Moots And More Moots!

April's Moots... Moots CR frame and Moots fork, Campy Chorus, DT 190's on RR415 rims with Revolution spokes! Plus some other nice stuff... King headset, Zipp bars, stuff like that...

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

Yes.... Steve Still Likes BMX

Yep. I still like BMX a whole lot. Even though I can't ride it anymore because I would break something really important, like my thorax or something...

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

Really Really Cool Bikes...

We never really documented this one properly... Eric's Moots Psychlo X single speed... check it out, you'll be jealous!

The Roubaix Bicycle Company

We Have A Few New Hats

Just in! New hats for everyone!! 7-11, PBR, Renault, Tecate... and.... HAMM'S!! The refreshingest. Thanks Emily for a quick photo shoot!!