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Ride Service


  • Regular: $8
  • Thorn Resistant: $15
  • Regular with True Goo Sealant: $15
Ride Tune Ups

Regular Tune-Up

Remove wheels, adjust hubs, true wheels and clean, check all nuts and bolts on bike, deglaze brake pads, lubricate all cables, pivot points and chain, clean frame and parts, reinstall wheels and adjust brakes, gears, headset, bottom bracket, air tires and test ride.

The difference in performance is amazing plus you increase the longevity of your bicycle. Not bad at all!

Ride Service

Drive Train Overhaul and Tune

A complete regular tune plus we remove the right crank arm, chain, cassette or freewheel, rear derailleur plate and pulleys, get these parts squeaky clean in the solvent tank, re-lubricate and re-install

A must for any dirty drive train or if you just want your bike to feel like new again!

The Roubaix Bicycle Company Basic Safety

Basic Safety Check

Check stem, handlebars, saddle, pedals, crank arms for proper torque, lube and adjust brakes and gears as necessary, spot true wheels and air tires. Not a tune-up!!!

Good for a fairly clean bike, college students, mid-summer check-over, etc...

The Roubaix Bicycle Company Free Estimates

Free Estimates

As we do with any repair, estimates are FREE! This means that we check over your bike and provide you with repair options. We are honest and will never swindle anyone out of some cash. We like bikes and we like them to work properly, our estimates reflect how we feel a bicycle should work and be safe. We aren't always the least expensive but as we stated before, we do things the way they should be done.

The Roubaix Bicycle Company Custom Wheels

Custom Wheels

Wheels... The easiest upgrade to any bike, stop in and let's talk about some new wheels for your ride!

$50 per wheel
The Roubaix Bicycle Company Bleed Disc Brakes

Bleed Disc Brakes

This includes bleeding, fluid as necessary, deglazing pads and cleaning, truing of rotors. All other parts or necessary work, such as facing disc tabs, will be done on an estimate basis.

$25 per caliper